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COVID-19 is changing the way business happens. We hope these resources can help you find the employees you need and navigate the challenges.

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Laying off staff PRE-COVID

An employee is laid off when they’re given less work or no work with the plan that the employee will return to a regular work schedule. If an employee’s hours are reduced, they are considered laid off as soon as they earn less than 50 percent of their weekly wages at the regular rate (averaged over the previous eight weeks).

Layoffs can be considered a termination of employment and employers must give written notice and/or pay compensation to employees.

**A layoff is considered a termination of employment when the employer has no intention of recalling the employee to work**

Small Business BC Article on Layoffs with COVID-19

  • Temporary layoffs can only be: Up to 13 weeks in a period of 20 weeks (about three months in a period of five months) OR A period of time in which an employee covered by a collective agreement has the right to be recalled
  • General: Termination, layoff or dismissal
  • Group termination: A group termination of employment is the termination of employment of 50 or more employees working at a single industrial establishment either on the same date or within any 4 week period. Group Termination of Employment

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Job Posting Guide

What to include in the job posting

Marketing this is where employee engagement starts; take advantage of this opportunity to describe the workplace environment and culture, and to showcase any incentive programs in place designed to support the well-being of employees.

Job Profile succinct, brief but clear; poorly constructed job descriptions may result in mismatched expectations and misunderstandings as to what the job involves.

Accountabilities the duties, responsibilities and tasks associated with the job; short descriptions simply worded will avoid confusion for job seekers.

Requirements critical to screening processes; training, education, knowledge and/or skills required to do the job are listed here; equivalencies need to be clearly articulated in a logical way. For example, a two-year diploma with two years of work experience may be considered equivalent to a bachelor’s degree.

Additional preferences other skills, knowledge and experience not required for the job specific but that would be an asset to the role and could influence the final selection process.

Other information important to include specific conditions that need to be met to fulfill all of the responsibilities associated with the job; it is critical to list them in the job posting. For example, if the position requires working away from home, or for long hours and/or nights shifts. This is also true for jobs that may be physically taxing (i.e. standing for prolonged periods or lifting heavy objects). Note, these may be deal breakers for job seekers and so they need to be included in the posting.

How to apply and any other instructions job seekers need to know; what to include (application, resume and/or cover letter), where and how to send it. Finally, include a point of contact (i.e. the Human Resource or hiring manager).


Sample Structure



logo | branding


Information about the organization including the location, the type of business or operation, what makes it an ideal place to work (workplace culture, environment, vision, mission). This is the opportunity to sell the position, but also the workplace itself. What makes it such an appealing place to work? If there are benefit packages (conventional or unconventional), flexible work schedules or other perks, draw attention to them right away and mention them sooner than later for more impact.

Job Profile

Job title, where it is situated in the organizational structure, the purpose of the position and a broad description of responsibilities.


Job requirements the knowledge, skills and experience required to the job; this includes certifications, designations, the minimum numbers of years of experience and/or related education:

  • Red Seal Electrician plus two years of related work experience

Acceptable equivalencies should be listed here too:

  • Bachelor degree plus two years of related work experience; or,
  • Diploma plus four years of related work experience

Preference statements cue the job seeker as to what kind of related training, certification or experience, though not required, may make them a more competitive candidate


Conditions of the job or the workplace should be disclosed in the job posting (i.e. shift work, physically demanding work, position requires travel and/or own car)


Point of contact, how to apply, what should be included in the application package and deadlines

Job Posting Checklist:

  • the job posting has a clearly defined job profile and job description
  • all the conditions of the job are included (i.e. shift work, travel requirements, physical aspects etc.)
  • the job requirements, the skills knowledge and experience required to do the job, and all acceptable equivalencies are clearly laid out
  • any requests for additional preferences (training, certifications, experience or education) are factored into the screening process in a fair and consistent way
  • information on how to apply for the job is included
  • what should be included in the application has been made clear (resume, cover letter, certifications, application form)

Things to consider in advance of posting:

  • initial screening is based on meeting the minimum job requirements; secondary screening(s) are more flexible but follow fair and consistent practices
  • the assessments match the skills, knowledge and experience to be tested
  • the interview style matches the desired outcomes of the process

Getting Started with Zoom

Zoom is free one-on-one online video conferencing software and a great way to conduct virtual interviews, communicate with your staff remotely, or just chat.

The videos below, left to right, take you step by step through registering, installing, and using Zoom!